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Marketing Ideas

Your story is unique, and we want to share it.

StoryTime Ent. Blog

SEO is vital for organic, online growth and publicity. We would love to learn more about your current or upcoming projects and write a comprehensive article that not only shares your unique story, but gets you raging fans. Check out our blog today!

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Video Interviews

Social media responds well to video content, so lets make you a creative and insightful video asset that tells the world who you are! Check out this video we did for a music marketing release from Collelo, or this one for Luhv!

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Social Media Engagement

We can share your posts on Facebook, retweet your clever thoughts on Twitter, drop comments and likes on Instagram and more, to help spread the message you are trying to send. Quantity is just as important as quality, especially for art marketing.

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About StoryTime Ent.

StoryTime Ent. is an international record label, event sponsor and creative collective that shares the stories of artists, brands and more.

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